Solutions Criteria
& Checklist
Does the proposed solution currently have a minimum of at least 80% of the required functionality?
Does the solution take into account the unique nature of your business?
Does the proposed software vendor understand the Coal Industry?
Is the flexible, maintainable, and extensible throughout the intended life of the software?
If you were considering creating the software in-house, would you need to hire additional professionals to development and maintain your software?
Is part of your design criteria to retain the majority of your business processes?
Does the software provider conduct an on-site detailed analysis?
Is on-site training and installation included?
Has the software provider demonstrated longevity in the industry?
Are additional integrated solutions readily available to complement the current solution?
Does the provider continually research the regulations that may affect the software?
Does the solution satisfy the needs of all levels of your personnel?
Do solutions built especially for a client typically have a substantially longer economic life?
Does Custom Software Solutions meet the above criteria?