Software Acquisition Alternatives
Standard Off-The-Shelf
This software is most readily available and is at the lowest cost. For standard applications e.g. Word Processing, Spreadsheets, it is the best choice. However, Coal Production and Management tools are nonexistent. In any case you Must Adapt Your Business to use the tool effectively and the tool is Not industry specific.
Build from Scratch - Third Party
At the conclusion of the contract, you will probably receive the desired product. However, this alternative comes with a very high cost and long development times. Testing is limited to a sterile environment, not your real world.
Build from Scratch - In House
At first glance, this may seem to be the best solution. However, most companies have limited resources to accommodate the development and maintenance required. Employees know the requirements of their company, but not that of the industry as a whole.
Tailored Solutions from CSS
Your Solution begins at CSS by combining proven components based on your requirements. One of our Solution Analyst, who has in thirty-plus years of experience, provides the direction for our professionals to tailor your application. With our research resources and additional information received from our clients, we continually update our offerings due to changes in Federal and State Regulations.